#2ontheroad19M a travel style wedding

Yes, we got married a couple of months ago, and obviously the theme couldn’t has been other than TRAVELS. There were so many things, so many details and it was the funniest day of our lives, a big party with best friends, as we’ve always dreamed! We’ll try to resume it in some points:

1.The invitation: boarding pass + website + newsletter + whatsapp

We made a website with zankyou to put in there all the information about the event, to help our guests to find the best tickets and accommodation and to give them some tips about Madrid and surroundings. We add a section about fashion tips too! And obviously, there was a section about our BIG TRAVELS around the World, telling everybody our idea of honeymoon.

wedding web 2ontheroad

To share this page we started sending a newsletter to some of the youngest guests 4-5 months before the wedding. Later, we also share the link with some whatsapp to other people who doesn’t read the email so often.

And a couple of months before the DAY we sent (or give by hand) the invitation which was a boarding pass with QR codes that linked to the website too. To design this boarding pass we had the help of Save the Date Project. They’ve been amazing with us during the whole process and they’ve understood our idea from the very beginning making so easy to work with them.

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-01 a las 16.02.39
Boarding pass designed by Save the Date Project

2.The idea, catering and deco

Finding a different place, a different catering, a different idea… making a different wedding is not easy. The easiest way is to take the “normal” things that everybody want and just pay for it and let it go. But the problem was that we don’t like conventional weddings. We like to attend to them when we see our friends happy with this style, but we didn’t like it for us, it wasn’t our style, it wasn’t us. So the most difficult thing at all was to find different providers to make it happen.

La Mojigata was the key for that, the beginning and the perfect unconventional wedding. Without her, her team, and all the people and other providers involved thanks to her, it would has been impossible to do it. On her blog you can see this post about our day. If you can’t read in Spanish you can just see the photos, they are great!

We told Natalia (La Mojigata) our idea about travels, we told her our story and we started to dream, go crazy, look for impossible things, create the magic… The result was the perfect party, the most “Ana & Fulvio” party ever.


3.The location

If finding the catering and the rest of providers was difficult, finding the location at Madrid was the worst part. La Mojigata has a perfect industrial place in Carabanchel, but we were out of capacity as we had 150 guests and the place can only hold (legaly) 100 people. We needed a place with these chatecteristics:

  • For 150 people or more
  • In the center of Madrid (because everybody was coming to Madrid from abroad or from different cities in Spain and we wanted to make it easy for all of them)
  • With the alternative style and mood that we were looking for.

So, after looking for it desperately during a couple of months, we found the perfect place: Espacio Muele 36


4.The Bride look

As you may imagine, if everything was unconventional, the look of the bride couldn’t be classic.

5.The Party!

The entrance: coffe, music, greatings and the customs


The ceremony: in front of the mapa mundi with our best frieds as testimonies and more fantastic friends making the talks and translations.


Italy, the beginning of our love story


Spain, and the crazy Spanish


Magic show, drinks, dance, and a surprise flashmob!


Dinner at Australia and South Asia (our first big travel)

fin fiesta pad thai

And after midnight: the bride changed her shoes and he party continued because Madrid is so much fun!

Captura de pantalla 2016-06-02 a las 0.20.40

Living as a Newyorker

To spend a week in New York we decided to take an apartment on airbnb at Williansburg. It was the best idea ever! Not only because the apartment was incredibly awesome, but because we got to live in New York as newyorkers, enjoying the city walking a lot, taking the underground, eating bagels for breakfast and go shopping to the best thrift shops.


Warn, the owner, wasn’t at the country so he left the maintenance of the apartment to a company in the city, but everything was perfect. We had help when we needed it and when we understood all the tech things inside the house our stay was really confortable.

Where to eat cheap in Rome, Italy

Little things to consider: Italy is not cheap, and Rome could be even more expensive, so to eat cheap at Rome is not as easy as in Spain.

A cheap lunch in Rome will be around 12 and 17 euros pax and the cheapest dinner won’t be under 15-20 euros. This is the touristic Italy! Having this clear, we’ll give you some names of places where we used to go when we lived in Rome. Bars and restaurants where we would take you if we were there traveling all together!


Trattoria “Luzzi” Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 88 tel: 06.7096332

It’s a classic trattoria romana where you can eat the most typical meals of the capital as “coda alla vacinara” (is a modern Roman oxtail stew, made from oxtail and various vegetables). We recommend you to take an unique plate of pasta and if you are really hungry you can even take and antipasto to share before.

Average prize: 12euros pax



“Cacio e Pepe” Via Giuseppe Avezzana, 11 tel. 06 3217268

How to arrive:

Take the underground to Lepanto station and walk from there.

Here you will find the best “Carbonara” pasta of Rome, Fulvio says that is the best of the World! You can sit at the street on these tiny tables with square pattern tablecloths full of people who works near there, is not a super truistic place. We recommend you to take the Carbonara and white wine “de la casa”. Take the coffee in a different place.

Average prize: 12euros pax



To spend a night at Trastevere is always a good idea, but you need to prepare yourself for crowded streets and restaurants.

“Pizzería Carlomenta” Via della Lungaretta, 101 tel.06 580 3733

You will probably find a queue at the door because is good end with good prices. So patience, you will have a table in 15 minutes more or less.



Osteria “Miraggio” Via della Lungara 16 tel. 06 6875319 (mapa 3.B)

Tipical Trastevere’s food, pasta, pizza and a lot of antipastos. It is a little bit farer from the most crowded streets but near enough to arrive by foot.


AT SAN LORENZO (our suburb)

“La Fraschetta” Via degli Equi 44 (mapa 4.A)

Here you’ll find really good sandwiches stuffed with tasty ingredients, choosing yourself what you want inside.

Average prize: 4-5 euros


“Formula 1” Via degli Equi, 11 (mapa 4.B)

Super delicious pizzas and one of the best fried antipasto (fritti).

Average prize: 18 euros pax




The “aperitivo” in Italia is a cultural thing. It use to be between 7pm and 9pm and is like an after work with more food than drinks. In the north, as Milan, is more tipical and you can find it almost in every bar, but in Rome is not so usual. There are two places with a good aperitivo that we like cause you can have dinner paying 10 euros for each drink and eating as much as you want. So, taking a couple of drinks and eating a lot you’ll pay just 20 euros.

Important: AS the aperitivo is from 19:30 to 21:30 in theses places as soon you go as much you’ll eat, if you arrive late the aperitivo will be finished and the normal dinner (ordering food and paying it separately) will start.

“Monmart” Viale 21 Aprile

How to arrive: take the underground to Piazza Bologna station and walk from there.

Chic and cool place with wood oven. Pizzas are great and included in the aperitivo.

momart mejor aperitivo roma comer low cost

“El Oasi della Birra” Piazza Testaccio, 38

Como llegar: Take the underground or bus to Piramide station.

This is at one of the suburbs with more young ambient in Rome, you’ll find also pubs and discos there. In this aperitivo you will take a lot of good things to it and a huge menu of beers!

Paris, the city of love and fun!

On our first year together we start traveling around Europe without knowing how far we’ll go… meaning both distance and relationship.

One of our first travels out of Italy and Spain was Paris. It was winter, so really really cold, and we were staying at a friend’s house in the isle of Sant Louis, behind Notre Dame.  I (Ana) have been in Paris a couple of times before, but for Fulvio it was the first time. I love first times! And I love to be with someone on his first time in a city because I feel that I’m discovering it again.

Today, we are remembering some of the best moments lived during this lovely (and freezing) days in Paris, sharing these photos with all of you.

The quality of the photos is not the best but you can get the idea of how much fun we had back there!

The funnest cities to travel

The latest UNWTO report has confirmed the continued growth of international tourism, with the number of international tourists reaching 781 million between the months of January and August – 36 million more than the same period in 2013.

The influence of social media and dropping travel costs are encouraging people to travel by trends, and local economies are adapting to these changing behaviours by expanding their offerings to make them suitable for each and every type of visitor.

GetYourGuide and GoEuro have compiled data based on 11 factors to define what exactly makes a city fun for travellers of different age groups and interests. Of a total 1,830 cities, here’s the ranking of the world’s 25 most fun cities for travel.

Do you agree?? Which is the city where you have had more fun during your travels?

Fun city ranking
Click on the photo to enlarge 

Italian ‘aperitivi’ in Madrid, Spain

The “aperitivo” is like a religion in the north of Italy. So, when I (Ana) was living in Milan and Bologna I used to go almost everyday to do it. Is an afterwork where you pay for the drink (always a little bit expensive in Italy) and then you can eat all you want from the buffet. Sometimes there is not a buffet but they give you some food… like “tapas” in Spain, more or less. But the normal thing is that you have a buffet with some pasta, rice salad, pizza… and more.

In Rome you can find it only in Some places. When Fulvio and I lived there we liked the “Monmart”, and the “Oasi della birra”. Two perfect places to have a good aperitivo in Rome with a lot of food.

But we were not expecting to find Italian aperitivos in Madrid. And not only find them, but realized that they can be even better here cause the drinks are cheaper and the food as good as in Italy.  So if you are in Madrid looking for a good afterwork with food and nice ambient, here you have some of our favorite places:


The owners are form Sardegna, this amazing island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. And they’ve managed to create this place with mediterranean soul in the middle of Malasaña. At the “aperitivo” time you can try their small pizza, pasta, salads and risotto. And at lunch or dinner they have tasteful and cheap Italian menus.

  • Adress:C/ Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 25 (Metro Noviciado, Callao, Santo Domingo)
  • Prize: 4,50€ drinks with aperitivo
  • When: Aperitivo Thursday from 20:30 and from Monday to Thursday pizzetta + spritz 6,90€ until 20:30
  • Web: http://aiomadrid.com/ 
  • Facebook page


Pepa Tencha:

A buffet with yummy pasta, some salads, hummus, risotto, and even salmorejo (spanish vegetables cold soup). You can take the aperitivo here from Wednesday to Saturday in a really cool ambient with couches, painted walls and soft lights. If you’re lucky you’ll find there art expos and live shows too.

Aperitivo Pepa Tencha
Italian aperitivo at Madrid, Pepa Tencha
  • Adress: Calle Apodaca 3  (Metro Tribunal)
  • Prize: 4,50€ drinks with aperitivo
  • When: Wednesday-Friday from 21:30
  • Facebook page

Oviedo nights, Asturias

We always feel lucky of having friends around when we travel. This time, at Oviedo, we met our friend Alberto, who’d just moved to this marvelous city in Asturias. We spent one night there with him having a walk around the old city, drinking wine and eating tapas at the “ruta de los vinos” (wine’s route) and having so much fun remembering our time together living in Rome.

Thank you so much Alberto!!



The Descent of the River Sella, Asturias

Every year, on the first Saturday of August, Asturias hosts this colorful festival which has become one of the major events of world kayaking: The International Descent of the River Sella.

But what we didn’t know was that you can always go down the river Sella with a kayak and have a bunch of fun!

Think at it like a sport and adventure experience, but with music, sidra and Asturian food. Yes! That’s possible when you paddle downstream dressed with an ugly wetsuit and with all your money, iphones, cameras and even your shoes in a tight closed cub (to prevent water from wet everything).

The thing works like this: you just need to approach one of the thousands of shops in Ribadesella, Arriondas or Cangas de Onis that plan adventure experiences, most of them do only this “down the Sella” thing.  The cost is 20€ per person an it includes the pick up to the start point and from the end line, the material, and a picnic that you’ll find inside your cube. You cans choose from 2 or three different lengths. We chose the longest one: 17km, From Arriondas to almost Rivadesella.

To this point everything seems pretty normal, an usual adventure trip. But, the surprise comes when you are going down the river, in your red kayak, in the middle of a wonderfully natural place between the “Picos de Europa” and the ocean… and you start hearing music, disco music, really loud disco music! Then you find the first “chiringuito”, a place to have a nice stop over drinking some sidra (or beer, coke, whatever you want) and eat some good Asturian food. So funny! People drinking and dancing on the bank of the river, absolutely Spanish style!

So that was our experience, and we’d love to come back soon. Have you ever been there? What do you think about mixing nature adventure with music and drinks? Let us know in the comments!


Bali riding an scooter

Our accommodation in Bali was a paradise an as all good paradises it was far away from everything. Ok, not so far away but far enough to need our own transport.

The motorbike (50cc scooter) is the best way, and sometimes the only option, to move trough the small and crazy streets of Bali. With a car could be impossible and always dangerous, all the paths are narrow and local people use to turn around the corners occupying the whole space. So, we took an scooter.

With less than 5€ per day we rented an old Honda SFX, the same scooter that Ana used to have when she was a teenager! Small and easy to drive discovering all the little Balines towns.

Our first big excursion was going from Ubud to Amed, a tiny fishing village in the North-East of the isle.  It was a long journey, 4 hours with to stop overs to see the Goa Lawah temple, famous because on its cave full of bats (they say is sacred, we found it a little bit scary) and the second stop at  Tenganan, the only village remained from the ancient Balines culture.

Ubud to Amed
Discovering Bali on an old scooter, form Ubud to Amed


Here you have the map of our route, and of course… photos!!

Ribadesella, perfect spot to discover Asturias

Planing the travel we where looking for a place to camp in the north of Spain where we could have fun, surf, discover new natural places, eat and drink well and cheap… and everything in just 8 days. Ribadesella was the answer, even if we didn’t know how good it was until we where there.

Ribadesella, the perfect choice!

Ribadesella, a lovely town by the Cantabric sea, came to be the perfect spot for discovering Asturias in all its facets.  Camping in Ribadesella for a week gave us the opportunity of surfing, visiting the savage beach of “Vega” where the latest Pedro Garcia’s catalogue was shooted, going down the Sella river with a kayak, visiting the Picos the Europa National Park, having diner and drinks in Ovideo and much more.

Ribadesella has a quality urban space with a wide promenade where the river, the estuary, and the sea go with the route along other milestones of this town: as the Mirador de Guía viewpoint or the Beach with its spectacular constructions owned by the so-called Indianos (Spaniards who made good in America) and erected in the beginning of the 20th century.

The rural area offers interesting visits: the popular architecture and manor houses, which belong to former gentry’s families, live together with a rural landscape with wonderful little coves, spectacular geological formations in caves, and dramatic cliffs with its surprising “bufones” (blowholes).

Where to sleep in Ribadesella:

We were trying to stay in the budget so we chose the camping Los Sauces Playa, cheap (22€ per night for 2 people with a tent and a car) and just 10 minutes by walk from Santa Marina Beach, where we had our surf lessons with Santa Marina Surf Camp (we’ll tell you more about the surf school soon).

Eat a lot and pay a little

One of the greatest surprises we had in Asturias was how cheap you can eat a lot of really good meals, from the country or the sea.

After our surf lessons we had some tapas by the sea at the “chiringuitos” placed on the seaside. We recommend the last one, the one near the parking (Calle Ramón y Cajal) cause is cheaper and the tapas and bocadillos (sandwiches) are huge!

To have dinner we went to “La Guía” (by the recommendation of a good local friend) in front of the fish market (la lonja) where we tried one of the best Cachopo (meat with ham and chees) and amazing seafood as percebes, gama roja or navajas.  If you try, you wont regret!

 We also enjoyed other great places near Ribadesella, we’ll tell you soon about Tereñes, the blowholes of Pria, the National Park and more! Keep in touch!

Have you ever been in Asturias? Please share your adventures with us!!

Are you planning to travel to the north of Spain? Tell us on the comments if you need any help!

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